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We've all heard the expression 'Knowledge is Power', but consider the maxim 'Listening is Power'. There is no knowledge without listening. We’ve
assembled 7 powerful pointers to help power up your listening skills. ... More »


Angela Neighbours

Thinking of becoming a coach?
Interested in developing your leadership skills?
Keen to stretch yourself to improve your way of connecting with others?
Want to understand yourself better?
Yearning for some time out to learn something new for yourself?

Then this program is worth considering. ... More »


Angela Neighbours

In my last Blog – “Four Steps to Expand your Thinking”– I introduced the question of ‘how’ you think.

As I commented, it is important to move your attention from ‘what’ you think – the content - to ‘how’ you think – the structure. ... More »


Angela Neighbours

When most of us face a challenge, we typically fall back on our own way of doing things, or what we learned from what has worked for us in the past. ... More »


Angela Neighbours

When pondering this question, I am struck by my cogitative state and find myself divided over whether there really is an answer. It is a challenging question to think on.

I notice myself flipping from – ‘of course the dog can’ to - ‘no, sometimes the dog just can’t be bothered’... ... More »


Angela Neighbours

I was in an interesting conversation the other day with a leader in a large NZ Corporate. This person was indicating that despite investing significantly in leadership programs for the previous 3 years, that it was difficult to see what had changed, if anything... ... More »


Angela Neighbours

I am constantly reminded of my own frame of reference on a daily basis. It starts from the moment I get up in the morning, the clothes I choose to wear, the way I drive to work, the way I react to drivers who occupy the same road as me, how I answer my phone, my thoughts about the day... ... More »


Angela Neighbours

So here we are – the first month of the New Year 2015 has passed us by and we are well into February.

The weather has been amazing here in New Zealand and looking around, people are buoyant, happy and renewed from a great summer holiday. And it seems, there is more good weather to come. ... More »


Angela Neighbours

Our first Coach Training Program for 2015 begins in March. The program, which is run from our offices in Auckland, runs for a total of ten days, spread over four modules, run monthly. The dates are: March 17-19, April 21-23, May 12-13, June 9-10. ... More »


Angela Neighbours

As an executive coach I am often asked to help a client define the ‘perfect world’ for a leader with the question: “what are those special behaviours and qualities that a good leader will have in their toolbox to enable great success and how can I get some of this?” ... More »

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