Neuroscience one-day seminar

Management & leadership paradigms are being rethought in light of the latest neuroscience research.

Join internationally recognised master practitioner, author & trainer Joseph O’Connor and discover how neuroscience can help reshape your leadership and coaching in this powerful one-day seminar.

Coaching the brain: What do Executives and Coaches need to know about Neuroscience.

***With ICC Founder Joseph O'Connor***

Course introduction

Coaching the brain: What do Executives and Coaches need to know about Neuroscience with ICC Founder Joseph O’Connor.

Neuroscience studies how the brain works, and it’s discoveries are transforming  psychology and all professions engaged in helping people to change and improve. To know yourself must now include, ‘know your brain’.



Proudly brought to you in partnership with PwC New Zealand.

Topics covered in this 1-day seminar

  • How does thought get acted on?
  • How do we make decisions – what brain circuits are involved and how can we use that to make better decisions?
  • Helping employees (and ourselves) avoid the obstacles on the way to their goals, such as delay discounting and the Ulysses contract.
  • How our thinking is rarely rational and logical.
  • How to ask questions so the person remembers rather than makes up the answer
  • The neuroscience of goals
  • How a client’s self-directed neuroplasticity (and what this means)


Who's it for?

For leaders and executives, this program lets you discover a new way of understanding and working with your people, teams and colleagues, and improve your quality of life.

For Coaches, this program presents the opportunity to broaden and maximise the services you offer to your clients by increasing the impact your interventions can have.

Consultants who want to further understand the developmental process for clients through Coaching and neuroscience.


Places are limited so register today.

Venue Details

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PwC, Auckland

Great central location. Free wi-fi.

5.0 / 5.0


Level 22
188 Quay Street
New Zealand

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Location: PwC, Auckland

Date: Fri, 23rd February 2018

Time: 09:00 am - 04:30 pm

Cost: NZD $495.00 +GST

Includes: Resources, morning and afternoon tea, and lunch plus refreshments throughout the day.

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