ilume has a refreshing approach to executive development coaching which leads to transformational change in business performance. Working in partnership with ilume has helped our people firm wide with their professional career and personal aspirations. ilume really believes in what it teaches and how best to empower our people.

Bruce Hassall, ex-Chief Executive Officer, PWC.

Chair Fletcher Building, Independent Director BNZ, Fonterra Cooperative Group and Prolife Foods

Unlock your full potential with one-on-one ilume Executive Coaching.

Our internationally accredited ICC Executive Coaching helps unlock a new mindset that will change the way you think, take your relationships to a new level, and ignite personal and organisational growth.

  1. Clarify your own purpose and vision
  2. Create a vision for your team and business
  3. Define your leadership style and development strategies for growth
  4. Set challenging goals and strategies to achieve them
  5. Develop deeper, more rewarding and productive relationships - personally and professionally
  6. Thrive in today’s fast paced, complex and uncertain business environment

Why change?

The complexity and speed of transformation today requires the new generation of business leaders to think very differently from their counterparts even 10-years ago. The uncertainties brought about by the global economy, technological developments and ever increasing demands and expectations of stakeholders and customers demand a new set of leadership skills.

The old management textbooks no longer apply and so business leaders are left to navigate their own pathway through the unknown. It can be challenging and lonely. And when faced with stress and uncertainty we are all pre-programmed to revert to our default settings. Even if they don’t work particularly well. Undoing these patterns is one of the most important things you can do to achieve true personal growth.

‘Being ilumed’

Our executive coaching programs take you on a journey where you will completely transform your mindset and that in turn will have a profound positive impact on both your personal and professional life. A change in the way you think, your relationships and a corresponding step change to your ability to perform consistently at an elite level.

We’ve worked with leaders in some of the world’s biggest companies, illuminating their path to a whole new level of understanding, adaptability, empathy and openness. These are all attributes that reap great rewards, both professionally and personally.

Executive coaching program in a nutshell

  • Action
  • Awareness
  • Accountability
  • Asking Questions

What can you expect from your executive coach? First and foremost – challenge, challenge, challenge. Debate and discussion around a well thought out set of questions that are just for you and your circumstances. A well proven methodology and toolbox of interventions that guide you towards desired outcomes. And a belief system that demonstrates the coach knows you and is genuinely interested in assisting you to greatness.


Who are executive coaching programs for?

CEO’s, C-Suite executives, General Managers and those aspiring to be organisation leaders.


What will you get on the program?

  • A program tailored to your goals – we begin by setting goals, if that is what is required.
  • Three different programs to choose from depending on what you are keen to achieve:
    • 4 Session Discovery
    • 6 months program – 8 sessions of 2 hours each
    • 12 months program – 14 sessions of 2 hours each
  • Homework – things to apply after each session back in the workplace
  • Reading – tailored to your requirements
  • Email and phone connection points
  • Visits to the business and meetings to understand wider team dynamics

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See what our clients say

Natasha Osmond Dreyer Managing Partner (Top of the South Island) - bnz Partners, bnz

The value for me has been immense. I'd thoroughly recommend the ilume team and their coaching so much so that I've brought them in to help me with some of my own team. To enable them with their clarity and direction which will make us a better team in the long-run.

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