ICC Coach Accreditation Training

Our internationally accredited 8 Day Coach Training Program will ensure you will learn not only how to coach others effectively, but you will also learn things about yourself that you didn’t know or weren’t aware of.  The program will change the way you interact with others, ensuring your success as a leader for the future.


Benefits of the program

  • An immediately applicable toolbox of coaching models, frameworks and action plans that work
  • Questions to use that will change your relationships
  • A new way of being for yourself, that you will try on for size during the program
  • A heightened awareness of yourself and others
  • A clear action plan for the future for yourself
  • A new network of people who have learned with you
  • An internationally recognised qualification


Program Structure

Three modules over 3 to 4 months:

Module One - 3 days

  • Introduction to coaching
  • Foundations laid
  • Personal Goals set
  • Introduction to first model
  • Questions, listening
  • Empathy and Rapport
  • Beginning coaching another person


Module Two - 3 days

  • Learning to set goals
  • Understanding beliefs and values
  • Tasking and Structures
  • Defining and understanding behaviours
  • Learning about transitions
  • Understanding your style as a coach
  • Ethics and Standards


Module Three - 2 days

  • Final revision and practice
  • Certification coaching and testing


Each module is experiential, involving and discussion based

There is time set aside for your coaching experience every day of the program

A workbook is provided for the program which includes models, frameworks, ideas for coaching, and internationally recognised theory.


International ICC Coaching Accreditation

The ICC Coach Training Program is the only coach training qualification accepted by all three major global players, - ICC, The International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).


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