Leadership Development Program

The success of an organisation often depends on its senior executive team and the ways in which they work together. Lead Team Development brings a group of individuals together and creates an energised high performing executive team.

  • Is your organisation needing to transform or pivotally change for the future?

  • Do your leaders need to be given the opportunity to change or reposition themselves and the way they lead to meet the needs of the future?

  • Are new leaders required?

  • Is collaboration the way forward for success?

  • What levels of innovation, new thinking and rejuvenated strategy are required?

  • How can organisational communication be improved, reinvented and carried out?

  • Are there any global trends to be considered?

If any of these questions have you thinking, then the ilume Leadership Development Program, may be useful to explore.

Although our programs are bespoke, – (we will design your program based on our learning about your organisation) – we do have a core foundation module for every program.


Core modules

  • Using our MINDSET28 Assessment for each leader identified
  • Giving an evidence-based feedback report for each individual, before we gather together to work as a team
  • agreeing purpose
  • ensuring the right leaders are in the room
  • developing values and behaviours
  • understanding what leadership means for the organisation
  • discovering each other
  • learning to dialogue
  • knowing how to get the best out of each other

Based on our learning from the organisation we will also refer to our toolbox to add:

  • setting goals – short, medium and long term for the organisation and the individual
  • agreeing roles for the future
  • bringing strategy to the front
  • developing a ‘new organisation’
  • creating an action plan
  • uncovering beliefs – empowering and limiting
  • working with transitions
  • building the thinking muscle
  • understanding social emotional responses in the team and working to develop the positions
  • cultural change
  • business topics for dialogue/communication plan
  • coaching others as a culture

There may be others, as the environment for change is owned by the Executives and will be driven by their input.


Who’s it for?

For executives and senior leaders within the organisation, taking a group of individuals and creating an energised high performing executive team.


Course structure

The ilume program is based on three modules across three months for 8 days – first and second module are three days, and the third module is two days.   We recommend an off site venue suitable for privacy, quiet reflection, and fun.

Alongside this, there is an individual coaching program for the duration of the program for each member of the team.  In many cases this is carried on for a further period of six months.


To learn more about this program of work, please give us a call and we're more than happy to arrange for you to speak with two of our current clients, Sir Brian Roach and Mark Averill, CEO PwC, who have not only embraced many changes, but have also achieved what they set out to do.

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