It is important to move your attention from ‘what’ you think – the content - to ‘how’ you think – the structure. Context thinking is the first of 4 steps towards getting to grips with how you think.
What are those special behaviours and qualities that a good leader will have in their toolbox to enable great success and how can I get some of this? What enables a great leader to excel in today’s complex, ambiguous and fast moving world and how will that change into the future?
Why Coach Training? Five reasons to take ilume’s world-class internationally recognised ICC Coach Training Program.
When most of us face a challenge, we typically fall back on our own way of doing things but when we're faced with complex situations and uncertainty, our old way of operating may blind us to the best solutions.
We've all heard the expression 'Knowledge is Power', but consider the maxim 'Listening is Power'. There is no knowledge without listening. We’ve assembled 7 powerful pointers to help power up your listening skills ..
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