Joseph O’Connor, ICC Founder to Run Two Programs for ilume in February 2018

Published by Tim Parkman

We are very proud to be bringing to New Zealand in February 2018, Joseph O’Connor. Image of ICC founder Joseph OConnor

Joseph is founder of the International Coaching Community (ICC) globally, he’s the author of 17 books and he is a coaching guru recognised internationally.

He’s going to be running two really exciting programs for us. The first is a six-day coaching program aimed at coaches who are wanting to work at the executive level so those who are wanting to coach Chief Executives (CEOs) and Executive Teams. To find out more about the Executive Coach Training Program click here:

Secondly he’s running a one-day program all around the neuroscience of the brain and how we respond to things on a daily basis. It’s latest thinking and is a wonderful seminar for coaches, HR professionals and leaders in any organisation. Proudly brought to you in partnership with PWC New Zealand. To find out more about the Neuroscience One-Day Seminar click here:

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