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Raechel Ford

Director International Certified ICC Coach Trainer
Certified ICC Coach

Raechel Ford is an experienced, senior business executive whose leadership style has always been informed by coaching principles.

Throughout her 15 year career, Raechel has consistently guided the businesses she has led to achieve extraordinary results by inspiring people to achieve more and push themselves further than they believed possible. The personal and professional satisfaction she has derived from inspiring excellence and performance in others is what prompted her to transition her own career to professional Coaching.

Raechel's business leadership style is strategic and supportive, which she has directly transferred to her approach to coaching. Her authenticity and integrity enable her to engender trust and confidence in her clients as she leads them through a journey of self-discovery.

Raechel's coaching philosophy is underpinned by a belief that when personal and company values are aligned, business excellence is created. Raechel's goal for her clients is to help them gain increased self-awareness, which in turn allows them to take responsibility for driving performance and results. She progressively helps her clients create capacity to address business issues strategically, to improve their own and others performance, and to achieve profitable results.

Raechel has had on-the-job training as a Business Coach throughout her career owing to her people-focused leadership style. She has supplemented this with attendance to international coaching conferences such as the Institute of Human Excellence Summit where she was instructed by the acknowledged 'Guru' of executive coaching, Sir John Whitmore.

Raechel has a diverse business experience base, instinctive people skills, refined strategic problem-solving skills, and the ability to see quickly and clearly what needs to be done in any business situation. This unique and comprehensive skill-set has set her apart in her management career, which has included roles as:

  • Director of Ford Consulting Group specialising in business acquisition and change management consultation
  • CEO of Athena Products Limited
  • CEO of The Body Shop New Zealand
  • Senior roles within the Carter Holt Harvey group of companies

Raechel holds a Bachelor degree with Honours from Canterbury University and is an International Coaching Community certified coach. She is married with two children and lives in Auckland.

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