ilume has a refreshing approach to executive development coaching which leads to transformational change in business performance. Working in partnership with ilume has helped our people firm wide with their professional career and personal aspirations. ilume really believes in what it teaches and how best to empower our people.
Bruce Hassall

Chief Executive Officer, PwC
5th September 2012

The value for me has been immense. I'd thoroughly recommend the ilume team and their coaching so much so that I've brought them in to help me with some of my own team. To enable them with their clarity and direction which will make us a better team in the long-run.
Natasha Osmond Dreyer

Managing Partner (Top of the South Island) - bnz Partners, bnz

Our new Senior Management Team undertook MBTI profiling, then met with ilume individually before bringing the team together for a Development day that was tailored to our specific needs and expectations. We found the day highly useful and gained many insights into how we operate together. I was impressed at ilume's ability to steer the day towards achievable “real” outcomes that added value to the company, and we are now looking to build further upon this excellent foundation.
Peter Dudson

Chief Executive Officer, AB Equipment Limited

ilume has been invaluable in assisting our chief executives to develop their leadership skills in a challenging and changing environment.
John Williamson

Chief Executive Officer, Hellaby Holdings Limited

As a Senior Leader in today’s environment the biggest investment that we can make is in ourselves, continually looking for tools to be more effective. Over the past 18 months ilume has helped me on this journey, providing a refreshingly honest and insightful approach to Executive Coaching. ilume takes a genuine interest in you as a person, your role as a leader, and how you can achieve a balanced and enriched life. I've learnt a lot about myself, how I interact with my team and colleagues, and developed new skills that have assisted me in building leadership capability across my business. I would recommend giving ilume a call, you don't know what you don't know
Campbell Parker

Regional Managing Partner,, bnz

ilume has provided unique insight that has redefined my leadership. The effectiveness of my leadership is no longer framed and limited by providing answers. It has expanded by listening and unearthing opportunities that reside with my people.
Greg Warren

General Manager, Minova International Australia

The coaching I've had from the team at ilume has been a great source of inspiration - continually challenging me and enhancing my focus on what it means to excel at leadership, both at work and in my personal life.
David Kidd

Head of Sales & Services, BNZ

ilume has given me the support and inspiration to keep challenging myself and drive my personal development to a new level. Thanks ilume for your honest feedback and professional guidance.
Graeme Free

Head of Treasury Solutions, BNZ

Natasha Osmond Dreyer

Managing Partner (Top of the South Island) - bnz Partners, bnz

Julian Bevis

Managing Director, Maersk Lines

Campbell Parker

Head of Distribution - bnz Partners, bnz

Brent Goldsack

Partner, pwc

Anthony de Vries

National Sales Manager – Toyota, AB Equipment Limited

Alan Young

Regional Managing Partner (Northern) - bnz Partners, bnz

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